best hunting day packs

The Best Hunting Day Packs

Being in the field - even for the day -requires comfort, durability and reliable performance. Here's where to start.

The Best Hunting Day Packs for 2018

A quality hunting day pack can really change up your outdoor experience. Contrary to what some may think, a hunting backpack is distinctly different from an ordinary backpack.

It typically includes unique design features for storing your bow, gun or crossbow safely. It also has sections for your other hunting equipment and keeps all of this safely accessible.

A great hunting pack will hold everything you need for the forest or trail without revealing your position through material color or sound. It will include enough internal storage to shield your equipment from different types of weather, keep a pair of clothes to change into in case it rains, and offer numerous pockets for extra items.

Let’s look at some of the best hunting day packs on the market today, followed by their unique features.

The Best Hunting Day Packs

  1. ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit
  2. Tenzing TZ 1200
  3. 5.11 Tactical Rush 12
  4. Badlands Point Hunting Pack
  5. Allen Company 19099 Pagosa

We picked these day packs based on needs, budget, quality and overall user experience. Continue reading below to learn more about why we chose each pack.



Best for Most Hunters

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit

best hunting day packs

The ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Backpack comes with a drop down pocket for safe storage of your bow or gun, and to keep your hands open for glassing or intense climbing. It has a quiver holder on both sides of the bag, and keeps everything you need within reach with an organized shelf pocket. The pack weighs a total of 4 pounds and holds 44 liters.

This backpack is perfect for long hunts where plenty of extra equipment is required. Its capacity of 2700 cubic inches, the extension straps and sturdy aluminum frame will help you carry and support heavy loads on the trail. You can fit enough clothing and gear in the large pocket for a 3-day journey, including a rain cover that stays out of your way on the trail.

The bag has a hydration pocket, letting you access your water bladder on the go. It will easily hold 3 liters and has a plastic clip on the shoulder strap for clipping the drink tube in securely. In addition, it has 2 clips to keep the water bladder held in place near the top, keeping it from falling to the pocket’s bottom and becoming harder to retrieve.

For an ultra-comfortable walking experience, this hunting day pack comes with a padded waist belt and shoulder harness and fully adjustable torso range. These are fitted to let you get a fuller range of motion while hunting, while all of the included pockets let you rest assured that what you need is always right there.

The smaller pocket of this bag comes with multiple small mesh pockets for holding beanies, gloves, knives, or other essentials. The mesh pockets on the outside corners are bigger and can hold a range finder easily. The supporting straps for the outer pocket, which comes out like a table, are sturdy and durable.

The pack’s waist strap comes with a fairly large pocket on either side but can be taken off if you prefer that. Fit both your bow and rifle inside the sling and they will fit securely and tightly. The zippers on the pack are strong and durable and the overall size of the bag is convenient and comfortable.

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Best Lightweight Option

Tenzing TZ 1200

tenzing 1200

Recommended by, the Tenzing TZ 1200 Ultra Light Day Pack Hunting Backpack comes with eight total pockets and compartments, the main compartment that expands, and padded, comfortable hip panels. The back pad is made from breathable mesh material and the bag itself is H2O compatible.

On the shoulders, you will find the same breathable mesh design and on the bag itself, you will find 2 bottom compression straps for holding more gear. Use the 3 specialized zipping pockets for other small necessities while you’re out hunting.

Since the bag isn’t very big, it’s great for bow hunting, which typically doesn’t require much gear. But if you need to fit more inside, you can make it fit.

The Tenzing TZ 1200 is ideal for hunters who want a lightweight, comfortable way to carry their essential equipment and a water supply. It has a subtle, low-profile look, a 2-liter water holder, and organized pockets, making it perfect for day hunting or tree-stand. It only weighs 2 pounds altogether and expands to fit more items, if needed.

Its measurements include the main compartment, which is 17 by 10 by 2.5 inches and the expansion of the main compartment, which comes out to 15 by 9 by 2.5 inches.

It also has the expanding bungee section, which comes out to 9 by 22 by 2 inches, the face compartment, which is 15 by 9 by 2.5 inches, and the side pockets, which are 3 by 4 by 2 inches.

This bag is great for holding the necessary equipment for day hunts and won’t move around a lot on your back. Use it with your range finder set up without any issues.

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Best Tactical-Style Option

5.11 Tactical Rush 12

best tactical hunting day pack

This imported bag is made from 1050 nylon, making it water resistant, and can fill multiple roles. It serves as an emergency bag, a hunting pack, or even a tactical assault pack.

The Rush 12 is built to offer high performance with its 16 compartments, each of which is sized for specified uses. The bag uses YKK (self-repairing zippers), has a hydration pocket with a capacity of 60 oz., and comes with an internal organization panel.

You will even find a sunglasses pocket lined with fleece to keep your glasses or sunglasses free from harm. This hunting day pack offers adjustable straps, external compression straps, and a sternum strap in the center for added stability. The included wrap-around platform is 5.11 Slick Stick System and MOLLE compatible, letting you customize your organization completely.

Need a bag to carry your extra layer, some tools, a laptop, and a few snacks? This bag fits the bill. It doesn’t come with a hip belt but allows you to make one with the 1.5-inch webbing if you need to. The main compartment on this bag can fit a 13-inch laptop, along with some books, gloves, and a few chargers, as well.

The zippered compartment is large enough for cash, cards, and folded up papers, while the two clip-equipped straps will hold your keys. The combination Velcro and MOLLE panels on the bag’s outside can hold an H2O carrier on one side and an EMT pouch on the other. The workmanship of this pack is amazing.

Although it’s small (at just 18 inches high and 12 inches wide), the bag fits right in with other regular backpacks if worn to school, making it suitable for many occasions.

One slight drawback to this bag is that it doesn’t come with MOLLE or Velcro panels on the inside of the hydration bladder area. This could be more versatile with those included.

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Best Day Pack for Comfort

Badlands Point Hunting Pack

badlands hunting day pack

Recommended by, the Badlands Point Hunting Backpack is lightweight, with an ergonomic design to take stress off your back and shoulders. It weighs in at under 4 pounds, making it light enough to carry heavy items comfortably, while still giving you enough room to bring your day hunting equipment.

The load-bearing design of the hip belt will evenly distribute weight and keep you comfortable on the trail. The bag was inspired by mountaineering design but adjusted for the hunting enthusiast.

The bag is hydration compatible, with a 3-liter reservoir and a traditional backpack design that comes with both front and top loading access.

It’s compatible with both your rifle and bow, is made to be waterproof, and stays quiet on the move. The bag is crafted from KXO-32 fabric, which is the most waterproof, quietest, and strongest material in hunting bags.

You can make your purchase confidently due to the company’s lifetime assurance. The bag is 22.5 by 10 by 10 inches and has a total volume of 2000 cl.

The bag is built to be sturdy even though it’s small and light, with AirTrack suspension and a superior zipper back panel function that allows you to access your equipment quickly and easily.

For those searching for a simple solution to carrying their hunting equipment, this is a great choice. Fit your bipod, range finger, bullets, and jacket in the bag and you’ll see that there is still plenty of room.

The pack comes with many straps that allow it to compress and the padding feels great. Keep in mind that for very tall people, the hip belt might ride slightly high. The bag has external binding straps and clips and is rigid for the sake of offering great back support.

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Best Budget Option

Allen Company 19099 Pagosa

affordable day hunting back pack

This Allen Company backpack has an adjustable sternum strap, adjustable shoulder straps with padding, and a waist belt that can also be adjusted (up to 52) to fit your unique shape.

The hydration pouch comes ready with double pockets for your water bottles and the quiet fabric of the pack helps you sneak by unnoticed. This hunting day bag has zipper pulls and high-visibility lining that makes it suitable for dim conditions.

The bag is easy to carry on your back, fits snugly to your frame, and has an 1800 cubic inch holding capacity. For how much you can fit inside, the bag is very low profile and has a ton of pockets included. Whether you weigh just over 100 pounds or over 200, the bag can be adjusted to fit you perfectly.

If you are more the day hunting type, rather than the type to take week-long treks, this bag will suit you. Why spend over $100 when you can get a simple, more affordable design like this? It offers a wide range of movement for the wearer, allowing you to shoot your bow even with the bag on your back.

The bag is made well with extra sections for tools and zipper pulls that are easy to grip. For those taller than 6 feet, the waist belt might ride slightly high on the hips, but this can be adjusted to where it’s still comfortable enough. Everything packs down to a manageable size and won’t move as you walk.

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Essential Items to Bring on Your Hunt

For hunters, especially those who like to stay overnight in the woods, being adequately prepared is a must. The most important aspect of hunting with a pack is filling it with the equipment you need to make it count.

You should prioritize getting the lightest, best equipment possible since your life could literally depend on it.

  • Food Items to Bring: Great food for bringing on hunting trips includes freeze-dried meals, energy bars, trail mix, and jerky. You can also pre-make and pack some sandwiches that won’t go bad.

  • Your Water Supply: If you can fit it in your pack, a source for boiling water is recommended. Instead of using a water purifier or filter, stock up on some iodine tablets. Some hunters may find the sturdiness of genuine water bottles more convenient than using a bladder.

  • Sleeping Gear: If you’re staying overnight outside, make sure you plan for this accordingly by packing layers and a warm sleeping bag. It’s possible to find sleeping bags that are thin but still offer plenty of warmth. They can be costly, but if you’re serious about your hobby, it’s a worthy investment.

  • Quality Optics: If you want to be a successful hunter, you must first see what you’re aiming for. In other words, get the best optics possible. A binocular adapter and tripod can make a world of difference for your hunting success.

Follow these essential guidelines and your hunting trips will be much safer, more comfortable, and successful.