The Best Outdoors Gear, Reviewed


We started Outdoorsman to scratch our own itch.

The last few years, we (a group of friends and outdoor nuts) discovered we had collectively spent way too much time looking for the best outdoor gear online, whether it was for backpacks, hunting equipment, hiking shoes - you name it.

We figured if we had this problem, so did a lot of other people. So we did something about it.

Today, Outdoorsman is our way of trying to save fellow outdoors enthusiasts the time and hassle we know all too well. While our original intent remains, we're expanding beyond gear reviews. We're going to be adding a lot of content related to all aspects of the outdoors, from a library to experiences that run the gamut from simple DIY to extreme adventures. We'll be adding a skills section as well as a video highlight section. Stay tuned!

There has never been a better time to be an outdoors enthusiast: today's world has never been more accessible, and for all the social media and technology frenzy we're experiencing, there's still wide open spaces and ranges to explore. All across our country, there are hidden fishing spots, swimming holes and majestic peaks and valleys that haven't been spoiled by excess use.

At Outdoorsman, we like to think that one of the most important issues of our lifetime is keeping safe and sacred the open places, public lands and areas that have become the bedrock of our outdoor recreation life in America, and we're dedicated to making sure our kids (and their kids) have the chance to enjoy the same natural wonders that we do. 

As we grow, we hope to contribute more to causes that mean a lot to us: fighting against those legal and national issues that affect us all in the most personal ways. We started by reviewing our favorite products, from the best field dressing knivesbest GoPro for hunting, the best base layers for cold weather huntingbest hunting pants, best hunting fanny packsbest hunting day packs, best hunting knife sharpeners and best hunting boots - and we're growing each week with more helpful information.

We were born and bred in the American West, and that spirit of exploration and discovery drives what we do to this day. We hope that our reviews and recommendations can help you streamline your outdoor shopping process so that you can focus on what really matters: getting out there. Because all the outdoor gear in the world can't do the important work for you, which is getting out there and lead a life that you love. We're doing that, and we hope we can help a few folks do the same along the way.

Our site is focused on a few key areas of outdoor recreation, including hunting, fishing, camping and backpacking. In the future, we hope to expand to other areas like water sports, winter sports and more. We review and recommend products based on a number of factors, including our own personal experience with products, the consensus among users and reviewers online, and based on the feedback of our friends, peers and family who are fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

Together, we hope these sources can bring together quality, accurate and beneficial feedback so that you can find the outdoor goods that work best for you. There's no one-size-fits-all product out there for everything, so we do our best to find the products that meet the needs of specific individuals. For example, we know that big and tall guys require different kinds of gear than those who are below-average height and weight, so we adjust our reviews accordingly to help everyone in between.

We also know that not everyone has the same budget, so the best backpacking tent for one person might be based on overall performance without regard to price, while another shopper might be looking for the best performance based on their budget, which may be $100 or $200.

Because of all these factors, we do our best to find the best products for all types of categories of products, from the best for most users to the best high-end options; we also try to find the best entry-level or budget selections for those just getting started in a particular area of outdoor recreation, or those looking to make the most of their minimal budget.

As outdoorsmen, husbands, dads, brothers, we know how difficult it is to keep up with the gear and equipment you need to enjoy the hobbies you love. So we do our best to save you as much time as possible. We've spent hours and hours reviewing products, looking for the best options and comparing them side-by-side to get the most useful reviews out there.

As a result, we participate in several advertising programs that allow us to receive some small compensation when products are purchased through our website. This is a strategy that doesn't affect our editorial process whatsoever - not only that, but we don't take free sample products from companies, so each review and recommendation is based solely on the consensus of that product.

Our team would like to thank you for visiting Outdoorsman, and if you have any questions or comments about the products we've reviewed and recommended, we'd love to hear from you. We spend countless hours on websites, forums and other communities to get the best information available, but many times, we update our reviews and content based on the feedback of readers like you. We are grateful for your time and feedback and if you're interested in contributing more than just feedback (writing for the site), we'd love to hear from you.

Why the Outdoors Drives America

According to the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA), the outdoor recreation economy generates more than $880 billion each year, which in turn creates more than $65 billion in federal taxes and more than $59 in local and state taxes. This is a massive industry that provides millions of jobs for Americans, and allows millions more access to the things, places and people they enjoy. 

The OIA found that nearly 50 percent of all Americans participate in at least one outdoor activity each year, which adds up to nearly 12 billion outdoor outings throughout the year. This staggering participation in the outdoors shows just how important it is that we keep outdoor recreation safe and protected for future generations. 

A few more key statistics from the OIA include:

  • Running, jogging and trail running are the most popular outdoor activities

  • Exercise is often the biggest motivation for getting outside

  • Fishing is the next largest outdoor activity after running and walking

  • Nearly 50 percent of enthusiasts named being close to nature as a motivation to get outside

As you can see, the outdoors isn't just something to fill your weekends: it's a vital source of life and enjoyment for millions of Americans, ourselves included. We hope that this site gets everyone closer to their goal of spending more time outside with friends and family, and as long as we help some folks along the way, we consider our efforts successful.