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Effective hunting often comes down to having the right tools of the trade. Here's a look at some of our favorite gear.

Proper hunting requires proper gear: firearms, optics and technical equipment that make the job doable. But beyond that lies the land of details and overlooked gear: the things that can often make or break a hunting trip before it even starts. 

Take hunting boots for example. A good pair of boots often go nearly unnoticed, simply because of how comfortable, warm and durable they are. A bad pair of boots, however, can quickly become the only thing you're capable of focusing on. So like a bad injury, the best gear in this case lets you forget about what's going on so you can focus on what matters: tracking, waiting, approaching. Hunting.

At Outdoorsman, we know that there are sites and resources far bigger than us that can tackle really accurate, comprehensive reviews on optics, accessories and firearms - things that are simply beyond our scope (pun intended). So we try to focus on some of the more casual aspects of the outdoors - particularly hunting - to make it easier for you to find the supplementary gear you need.

Sure, the right pair of hiking pants or waders won't automatically improve your hunting skill level, but it will make it that much easier to dedicate your time to your craft, knowing that staying dry and warm is one less thing to worry about. 

Over time, we'll continue to add to our list of favorite hunting gear and equipment, and we're always open to hearing feedback from our readership on their favorite things. We believe that everyone can benefit from other users' experience, so we like to consider ourselves an open platform that's constantly changing and improving based on feedback from other hunters, readers and industry experts. 

The Best Hunting Boots

Whether you prefer hunting in the early season or late, we've combed over hundreds of pairs of hunting and hiking boots to find our favorites. No matter what type of weather or conditions you're in, you want to stay comfortable and flexible in the field, and these boots can help you stay covered and effective while you're out there.

The Best Hunting Pants

Ah, pants, those ubiquitous bottoms that never seem to go away. When it comes to hunting, pants can range the gamut, from basic sweats and workout pants to highly insulated (and expensive) waterproof pants that get you through the mountains and back. We've chosen some of our favorites based on all types of hunting, budget and weather factors, and we're sure you'll find something you'll enjoy too.

The Best Hunting Day Packs

Because not every hunting outing is a week-long excursion, we've rounded up some of our favorite hunting day packs that are the perfect size for a long day in the field. Not too big, but also roomy enough to help organize and haul all the gear you need. From big, well-known brands to under-the-radar products, we've covered our favorite day packs for all types of hunting.

The Best Hunting Knife Sharpeners

Whether your favorite hunting knife needs heavy, coarse grinding or some light, precision touch-ups, finding the right sharpener can take time and money that you'd rather spend on other things. So we've put together a list of some of our favorite knife sharpeners that use all types of approaches - from electrical to Japanese waterstones - to sharpen your blades.

The Best GoPro Cameras for Hunting

GoPro offers a range of entry-level, mid-range and high-end cameras that work great for hunters. Depending on the quality of your video, range of features and budget, you can get something that will best capture your favorite moments in the field.

The Best Base Layers for Cold Weather Hunting

In cold weather hunting, being able to move freely - and with warmth and comfort - is paramount to keeping a focused, steady approach to your hunt. Here's a look at some of our favorite top and bottom base layers for hunting in the cold.

The Best Hunting Fanny Packs

Sometimes, you don't want a full pack: you want something that's lightweight, easy to maneuver and allows you to haul out whatever you get. Here's a look at our favorite options for hunting fanny packs.

The Best Field Dressing Knives

The right field dressing knife can make it much easier to clean and manage your game in even the harshest weather and environment. Learn how a solid field dressing knife can make you a more efficient outdoorsman.

The Best Binoculars

 Many experiences hunters and outdoors folk often say that you should spend as much as you can on your optics as you can. Specifically binoculars. 

These two articles by Matt Cashell are well worth your time if you're looking to invest in new glass, I highly recommend them.

Optics for Hunting:  What are We Looking For?

Optics for Hunting Part 2:  What We AREN’T Looking For.

Best mid-dollar binocular with high dollar performance.