best hunting fanny packs

The Best Hunting Fanny Packs

Carry your gear - and your game -without having to take out a full size pack. Here's a look at our favorite fanny packs.

The Best Hunting Fanny Packs

A quality fanny pack can really add to your overall experience with hunting. This allows you the advantage of having somewhere to store your hunting gear and devices, making them simple and quick to access on the go. Choosing the best quality funny pack for hunting isn’t very hard, as long as you know what to look for. 

The right choice will be lightweight, with plenty of pockets and sections for storage, while keeping your items easily accessible at any time. It should also come with a water bottle compartment for staying hydrated on the trail.

Here is our guide for the best hunting fanny packs available on the market, along with each of their noteworthy features.

Our Top Hunting Fanny Pack Picks

  1. ALPS OutdoorZ Little Bear Fanny Hunting Pack
  2. Badlands Monster Fanny Pack
  3. Mossy Oak Blue Jack Fanny Pack
  4. ALPS OutdoorZ Pathfinder Hunting Pack
  5. Allen Nomad Waist Pack

These packs were chosen based on the needs of hunters (short or long hunts, budget, etc.), as well as the overall user experience offered by each pack. Continue reading to learn more about why we chose these hunting fanny packs.



Editor's Choice

ALPS OutdoorZ Little Bear Fanny Hunting Pack

best hunting fanny pack

The ALPS OutdoorZ Little Bear Fanny Hunting Pack comes with a removable harness for your shoulder, a padded, removable padded waistband with doubt pockets, and four pockets to hold onto your gear (two on the sides, one in front, and one main pocket). The pack only weighs 1.6 pounds and holds 8 liters while being compatible with extra ALPS accessory pockets. 

"ALPS is well known for producing high-quality hunting fanny packs and other outdoor apparel and equipment," said the reviewers over at Reloader Addict. "When you’re a hunter on the go and need to have all of your gear in one spot, this is the fanny pack for you."

This fanny pack is just what is needed for your outdoor excursions, whether you specialize in scouting, stealth hunting, or sticking to one spot. Its four pockets come in various sizes so you have plenty of room to store smaller items while keeping them organized and within reach at all times.

The waist belt’s padded design ensures that you stay comfortable and you may even forget you’re wearing it. You will be sure to stay hidden from prey with its attractive brushed HD fabric.

The Little Bear pack is more modular than ever with the Turkey Call, Camera, or Binocular Pocket option. Each of these choices may be added to the fanny pack’s front, according to your needs, or you may use the pack on its own. One of the best features of this product is the top straps which can hold your jacket or coat when the weather warms up in the afternoon.

As soon as you figure out the perfect fit for the shoulder straps, this pack will be comfortable and offer you plenty of room for what you need to carry, all at a much more affordable price than comparable products on the market.

Fit your rangefinder into the front belt pocket so that it’s easy to access. The product comes with quality zippers and strong stitching. Use it with a binocular harness by connecting the pack’s chest strap under the strap. 

A lot of strong, quality packs can be stiff and uncomfortable, but this one is well-made without sacrificing comfort. Buy it for yourself or as a gift for the hunting enthusiast in your life.

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Best Higher-End Option

Badlands Monster Fanny Pack

This 2-pound bag is compatible with 1 liter of hydration, comes with three removable or adjustable shoulder straps, and six pockets to fit everything you need in the great outdoors.

Carry even heavy loads easily with its ergonomic molded foam and Delron flex-frame, which helps prevent uncomfortable sagging in the pack. The pack is compatible with quiet, easy-to-clean Badlands water bottles and will keep the bottle held safely and snugly. 

"Although its name seems contradictory to a Minimalist’s mission, the spacious, versatile Monster (1,000 cubic inches, one large main compartment with five smaller pockets; 2 pounds 14 ounces) is lighter and much more streamlined than most day packs," said Mark Melotic at Outdoor Life.

For those sick of wearing full-sized backpacks hunting, this is the answer. It’s made well, won’t sag annoyingly, and offers great water resistance. As mentioned, the fanny pack comes with six pockets, including two workstation-style, fold down pockets for holding your gear on the trail.

The craftsmanship on this pack is high-quality and made with the most waterproof, quietest, and strongest material in terms of outdoor hunting packs. If you still aren’t convinced, you’ll be glad to know that Badlands offers a lifetime warranty that is unconditional.

Although this bag holds plenty of gear, it doesn’t feel as though you’re carrying a lot. The shoulder straps combined with the waist support band make it easy to carry your items.

The versatility of compartments on the fanny pack allows you to place what you want right where you want it. There is a wire support running over the bag’s top to keep it sturdy and held in place while you walk. Although the bag is ideal for hunting, you can also use it for camping or hiking trips. 

Many people struggle with finding a pack that fits comfortably and is also easy to take off, but this bag is ideal for any body size and offers pure quality.

The zippers are not as sturdy as those of some other brands, but if you’re careful with them, this shouldn’t cause any issues. In addition, the water camel included is very small so you may want to get a bigger one. 

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Best Small Option

Mossy Oak Blue Jack Fanny PackWork Sharp WSGFS221 Guided Field Sharpener

mossy oak fanny pack

This pack is ideal for hunting but also works well for trips to the park or camping. It offers tons of space and pockets for anything you need to store and comes with a carry handle, two ditty compartments, and waist pockets on either side.

The Mossy Oak pattern helps you stay hidden from view and the material is water repellant. This pack is made from breathable mesh with dual zipper compartments, and it comes with front pockets for your camera, cell phone, and sunglasses. 

"Although this hunting fanny pack doesn’t have shoulder straps, it is still reasonably comfortable, durably made and isn’t so large that it continually gets in the way," said Rex Trulove at Good Game Hunting.

This bag can be used at work for those who need to keep their tools easily accessible. It’s sturdy and due to its built-for-the-outdoors design, works well even in a factory environment, with chemicals and water around.

Not only is it practical, but the design is attractive, as well. Get rid of your bulky backpack and instead put your tags, pen, knives, flashlights, and more inside of this handy hunting pack. 

This pack is well-made with quiet, quality materials and comes with durable zippers that can be used with gloves due to their large tabs. The 1.5-inch-wide web belt is useful and the back and waist padding make carrying this item much easier.

If you’re going on a day-long hunting journey, this will carry all you need even though it’s small and compact. The waist pockets are ideal for loose ammo, a compass, or a small map. 

The bigger your pack, the more you end up bringing with you and much of it ends up being unnecessary and heavy. A small pack like this can help you learn how to prioritize your gear, making your hunting trips as efficient as possible.

Please note that it isn’t as waterproof as other items on the list and will have to dry out if it sits in the rain or snow for too long. 

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For Best Versatility

ALPS OutdoorZ Pathfinder Hunting Packtone S1000

alps pathfinder fanny pack

This pack allows you to comfortably and securely carry even heavy loads and is compatible with ALPS accessory pockets. If you’re carrying a bow or hauling rain gear or decoys, a fanny pack could transform your hunting experience. If you also need a day pack and a way to haul your meat, this pack can accommodate everything you need with its extras.

The versatile, universal design will work with a large variety of weapons and the fanny pack can expand into a hunting day bag. The fanny pack itself holds 13 liters while the day pack can hold 31, combining to a capacity of 44 liters.

For those who are going to the stand or just scouting, this pack is ideal for hauling along what you need with a padded shoulder harness and waist belt. This system more easily distributes the weight and helps the pack fit more comfortably.

If you need more room, just take the daypack out of the fanny pack to get 1100 cubic inches’ worth of extra space. As soon as you’ve set the daypack mode, you can use your Pathfinder in either bow-carrying or hauling mode. If you choose the hauling mode, it comes with extra straps and fabric that give you more space for carrying extra gear or meat.

The pack comes with a bow pocket fit for a variety of bows. As soon as you strap it in using the included lash straps, the bow will stay secure, leaving your hands free for other tasks.

Use this pack with ALPS OutdoorZ extra pockets including a turkey call pocket, camera pocket, and binocular pocket. It will keep your gear right in front where you can easily access it. You may also use these accessory pockets with ALPS Big Bear and Little Bear.

For hunters who are tired of the discomfort of heavy waist packs, this one has plenty of room and extremely comfortable shoulder straps for hassle-free transport.

The belt and straps come with durable, heavy-duty material with plenty of ventilation to keep you comfortable, even while carrying more weight. Use the expansion pocket to fit an extra jacket or rain gear for your hunt or use the extra room to put your clothing in if the morning warms up.

The pack comes with multiple pockets, equipped with sturdy zippers and one pocket on either side of the belt. The waist pack has an inside, zippered pocket in addition to another big zippered pocket.

You can use this pouch with the straps on the back part for carrying your bow or rifle. This is especially handy for times that you need to drag a deer.

The expandable portion comes with a space for your hydration bladder with a mesh bottle holder and a silent fastener on the left. Use the included cinch straps for holding everything in place.

This pack can handle lots of brush, long distances, and different types of rough terrain with ease. Pack your FoxPro, first aid items, call lanyard, warm clothes, water, and more. The material will hold up well, even to sharp plants and rocks. 

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Budget Option

Allen Nomad Waist Pack

allen waist pack

Designed for the roughest, toughest hunters out there, the Allen Nomad Waist Pack with Water Bottle holder has a main compartment of 8 by 10 by 6 inches.

It has a pocket for your water pocket, waterproof, silent fabric with quiet zipper pulls, and a padded hip belt that can adjust to 54 inches. The product is made well and will fit comfortably around your body. 

"Allen Company is likewise a brand you can trust, as they make excellent games and outside apparatus for the most aggressive of circumstances," said the guys over at Authorized Boots. "This ought to doubtlessly be on any rundown of the best hunting fanny pack."

The pack’s pockets are generous and the water bottle holder has elastic, which allows it to hold your bottle close to your body. The pack holds up well, even under rigorous hiking and hunting conditions.

Keep in mind that to get optimal comfort out of this bag, you should try to carry lighter items. Although it’s great for hunting, you can also use it as a carry-on item while flying for holding your smart phone, Kindle, and passport.

The bag’s waist strap comes with plenty of adjustment room and has a snap buckle that works flawlessly. The camouflage design will keep you hidden from your prey and is also suitable for bird watching.

Although the description says there’s only one water bottle space, you can fit a second bottle inside of the zippered pocket on the pack’s other side, which is a similar size. Please note that the other compartments included in this pack are also bigger than they look. 

You can hike for long periods with this pack and the belt fits quite comfortably when adjusted properly. This pack is a great value, especially when you compare the price against competitor’s products. Use it for excursions that could last a day or longer.

In the main section, you can fit two emergency blankets, two emergency rain ponchos, some wool socks, tablets for water purification, a pair of gloves, a map, a compass, three protein bars, hand warmers, and more. 

In the outside pockets, you can fit extra rounds for your rifle and more. On the outside of the pack, you will find extra loops for attaching items. 

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Essential Items to Carry in your Hunting Fanny Pack

When you’re out hunting for the day, there are a few essential items you should bring along. For instance, water and warm clothes. But what other items should you pack?

  • Flagging Tape: On your hunt, you’d be smart to bring some flagging tape, which allows you to mark your downed game’s blood trail or to mark your location if an emergency strikes. You can use pink or orange, as they are equally visible but make sure you bring the used tape with you when you depart the outdoors.
  • A Compass: Your kit should carry at least one inexpensive compass. Better yet, bring two. If one doesn’t seem reliable, it’s always good to have an extra so you can check its accuracy.
  • The Right Food: Make sure you bring enough food every time you hunt. Bagels, raisins, granola bars, apples, and some cheese will last you for the day. Try to bring high-protein, high-calorie, and lightweight (if possible) food items.
  • First Aid Items: Try to bring at least a basic first aid kit that includes medical tape, gauze bandages, a tourniquet, and some antiseptic. 

Depending on how long you plan on being outside, you may wish to invest in an emergency shelter, but this does add more bulk and weight. Even a large, brightly colored trash bag can work in a pinch as it traps your body heat and blocks the wind. It’s also easy to spot from above if you end up in an emergency situation.